R.V. Site Rental Rates for the 2019/2020 Season
Reservations are being accepted for stays of three (3) months or more until September 30, 2019.  PPI is a senior park
and one member of the party must be age 55 or older.
Reservation requests for less than three months will be accepted,
but not confirmed until after October 1, 2019.  Reservation requests of less than three months may be displaced by one
of three months or more.  Reservations require a $120.00 deposit.  The $120 deposit is refundable if cancellation is
received by October 1, 2019, or in the death of an immediate family member, or a doctor’s statement of a medical
problem within 30 days of the reservation start date.  Stays of less than one month are based on the daily rate of $33.00
or the weekly rate of $198.00.  The table below is used to calculate the cost for stays of various lengths.

After making a reservation on-line a representative of PPI will contact you to finish the reservation process and answer
questions you may have. Summer hours for the office are from 8 am to 12pm Monday through Friday.
Stay Length
$33.00 (includes electric)
$198.00 (includes electric)
Month by Month
    Pre-Paid Stay **
1 Month
$550.00 x 1
2 Months
$550.00 x 2
5% Prepay Discount
3 Months
$550.00 x 3
12% Prepay Discount
4 Months
$550.00 x 4
** Special 4 Mo's for 3 Mo's
5 Months
6 Months
First Timer Discount
  10% Discount for stay
greater than one month.
* Additonal months are based on six consecutive months of rental and must end on September 30 of each season.  
Additional monthly rate charges cannot start until April 1 of the current season.  Rent for days, weeks or months beyond
the end of the reservation stay are assessed on the daily, weekly or monthly rate.  All rates are based on a party of two
or less.  Extra charges of $2.25 per day or $50.00 per month apply for each additional person.  Renter are issued a
Security Gate Remote that requires a $50.00 deposit that is refunded on return.

** The Pre-Pay Stay discount is applied when the payment is made to the office and upon arrival.  

Beginning March 1st of the current year any unreserved site is open for reservation by a new future resident. A minimum
three month reservation is required until October 1 of each new season.  After October 1 reservations may be made for
less than 3 months providing spaces are available.
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