What are the costs for electrical service?

The electric rate for RV lots is determined annually.  The rate can change each year.

What are the policies regarding Pets?

Pets are limited to two (2) per unit/lot and must be registered at the office.  No animals or livestock of any description, except the usual household pets (cats and/or dogs) are allowed.  Pets must be kept on leash while in the park.

Will Our Motorhome Fit On an RV Lot?

The typical RV Lot is listed at 26' X 40', but those dimensions do not include the 10 feet of distance at the front of the lot  for vehicle parking.  In addition there are some lots that will handle motorhomes longer than forty feet.  Please contact the office for the availability of lots better suited for longer motor homes. 

Why Would I Buy a RV Lot Certificate?

There are advantages of lot certificate ownership over renting.  Probably the number one reason is that you are guaranteed a place to camp each winter.  It is also beneficially economically, the annual monthly dues are less than rental rates if staying more than four months.  You can enhance the lot with improvements like a storage shed, shrubs, or awning.  You get full participation in park decisions.

What is monthly cost for park dues?

Each lot certificate holder pays $135.00 per month or $1620.00 annually for park dues; regardless of the type of lot.  Those in the RV section pay and additional $14.00 per month for electrical service availbility.  Park projects for maintenance and improvements may require special assessments.  The board of directors determines the amount of any assessment.
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